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Tarim Oilfield "three-wheel drive" escorts the 10,000-meter ultra-deep well drilling

As of August 18, the Tarim Oilfield experiment Testing Research Institute strives to apply the theme education results to the goal of "becoming a good seed team of deep-seated technology", and strives to achieve new breakthroughs in key technologies such as drilling fluids, drilling tools and cementing materials, and effectively promotes the 10,000-meter deep drilling work new situation.
At the end of May, PetroChina's landmark project of building a national strategic scientific and technological force and a world energy and chemical innovation highland-Shendi Take 1 well officially spud. As the drilling depth increases, the existing drilling fluids and drilling tools can no longer meet the drilling needs.
In order to ensure that the follow-up 10,000-meter deep well is "drilled straight, drilled successfully, drilled well, measured successfully, and pressed well", Tarim Oilfield adheres to problem-oriented, comprehensively strengthens scientific research experiments and quality inspections, and improves the "package" problem-solving ability and "Integrated" technical support level, actively respond to the challenge of "one deep and one thousand difficulties" with "three-wheel drive".

1. The drilling fluid system is optimized in advance.

In order to solve the technical problems of ultra-deep, ultra-high temperature, and ultra-high pressure drilling, the Tarim Oilfield Experimental Testing Research Institute actively carried out evaluation, optimization and experimental research on new drilling materials and systems. 5 sets of new systems and new materials, including 220°C high-temperature resistant oil-based drilling fluid system formula, 0.73 g/cm3 full oil-based low-density drilling fluid system formula, and 220°C high-temperature resistant sulfonated drilling fluid system formula, were selected. Make technical reserves for high-quality and fast drilling of deep wells and guarantee the quality of wellbore.

2. Strictly control the quality of oil casing.

Tarim Oilfield strictly conducts "physical examination" on more than 10 items such as geometric dimensions, thread parameters, and tight distances of the oil casings entering the warehouse, and learns about the casing wall thickness, sealing surface, thread diameter and other indicators in detail. At the same time, expand the sampling inspection ratio and coverage of oil and casing, and prevent oil and casing with quality defects from being used in 10,000-meter drilling.

3. Fully optimize cement slurry performance.

The Tarim Oilfield Experimental Testing Research Institute organized and evaluated multiple sets of 220°C high temperature resistant cement slurry systems, and carried out scientific research experiments on 16 indicators and 50 samples of construction performance and long-term strength, including settlement stability, thickening time, and compressive strength. Fully optimize the cement slurry formula and construction parameters. At present, a set of cementing slurry system with excellent performance has been selected, and its leading slurry and tailing slurry performance can meet the cementing requirements of 10,000-meter-deep wells.
At present, the Tarim Oilfield continues to follow up the drilling situation of 10,000-meter deep wells, provide on-site technical support and summary, and accelerate the research and development of new drilling materials and systems, so as to make greater contributions to the development of my country's oil and gas industry.
Accelerate the research on the drilling fluid system of the 10,000-meter deep well, promote the high-temperature and high-pressure rheology, fluid loss, plugging performance and other performance experiments, and reserve more drilling fluid technologies for the safe drilling of the 10,000-meter well...