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Sinopec's first geothermal scientific exploration well Fushenre 1 well started drilling

The successful implementation of this well will help to explore the potential of Hainan's geothermal resources, improve the level of geothermal resource exploration and development in Hainan Province, and lead China's mid-to-deep geothermal resource exploration and development technology to the forefront of the world.
At present, the development and utilization of geothermal resources in China is mainly in shallow layers. The Fushenre 1 well drilled this time is the first deep high-temperature geothermal exploration well with a depth of 5,000 meters. In view of the strong abrasiveness of the formation in Fushenre 1, the high temperature of the target layer, and the many water layers encountered during drilling, the research team used the "dual-drive drilling + high-pressure jet" drilling technology, and selected the integrated composite impactor speed-up tool to increase the ROP , Strengthen plugging, anti-collapse and anti-leakage, optimize high-temperature resistant instruments and tools, do a good job in anti-slump sticking and anti-leakage, etc., to ensure that no noise, cuttings and other pollution will be generated during the drilling process.
After the drilling is implemented, it will reveal the formation and enrichment mechanism of deep geothermal in Fushan Sag based on detailed core, logging and other data, verify the key technologies of deep geothermal detection and evaluation, and help the large-scale development of deep geothermal resources.
On August 31, Well Fushenre 1, Sinopec's first geothermal scientific exploration well led by the Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, was drilled in Haikou.