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Chuanqing Drilling sets a record for the deepest air drilling well in China

Bozi 24-5 well is a development well deployed by Tarim Oilfield in the Aksu region of Xinjiang, with a design depth of 7449 meters. Geological data shows that there is a thick gravel layer in the well, which has poor drillability. In order to achieve faster and more efficient drilling, Chuanqing Drilling and the Kuche Project Management Department of Tarim Oilfield jointly discussed measures to increase drilling speed, and selected the newly introduced 9000 meter intelligent drilling rig to drill the well this year.

Chuanqing Drilling Xinjiang Branch and Chuanqing Drilling and Production Engineering Technology Research Institute jointly developed a drilling and completion speed increase plan, carefully comparing and analyzing adjacent well data and the changes in formation lithology and water layer distribution during the actual drilling process of the well, and drawing a conclusion that the feasibility of implementing air drilling speed increase in the third spud section of the well is strong.
During the specific drilling process, air drilling was carried out from the well depth of 3003 meters, and it took 18.7 days to drill to the well depth of 5100 meters. The average mechanical drilling speed increased by 116% compared to the adjacent well Bozi 1001 using drilling fluid.

On October 3rd, the Chuanqing 90205 drilling team carried out air drilling operations in the third spud section of the Bozi 24-5 well, successfully drilling to a depth of 5100 meters, setting three records for the deepest air drilling well in China, the highest average mechanical penetration rate of air drills in the Tarim Oilfield, and the longest footage of a single domestically produced cone bit.