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Torque Reduction Sub

Torque reduction sub is to reduce the excessive torque generated by drilling in short radius horizontal section and large angle well section. ​​​​​​​According to its structural components, the torque reduction sub is divided into: mandrel body, upper and lower sliding bearings, slip spiral inner sleeve, straight rib outer sleeve, stop collar etc.
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  • Torque reduction sub is mainly connected between short radius horizontal section and large angle well section, propose to connect a torque reduction sub by every 60ft, it can reduce 25%-35% torque after using this tool, it’s slip spiral inner sleeve, straight rib outer sleeve and body mandrel are relatively in non-rotating condition.


    • An isolation point supported by the straight rib outer sleeve can be formed between the drill pipe and the casing, which can reduce the torque of the rotary table;
    • It can effectively prevent the direct contact between the drill pipe and the casing, reduce the wear of the drill pipe and the casing, and protect the casing;
    • Reduce the frictional contact force between the drill pipe and the casing, and reduce the resistance of the drill;
    • Greatly improve the service life of drill Pipe.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Reduce drill string wear and fatigue;
    • Minimizes torque and drag;
    • Minimizes casing wear;
    • Increase ROP;
    • Dampens vibration;
    • Enhances drilling efficiency.
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