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Mechanical Drilling Jar

Mechanical drilling jar is a jarring and stuck releasing tool. It integrates the up jar and down jar and can release the stuck accident to occurring during drilling operation. For directional wells and deep wells drilling, the mechanical drilling jars are an ideal tool for improving work efficiency.
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  • Mechanical drilling jar integrates upward jarring with downward jarring so that it can release drilling tools from the block or the stuck etc. during drilling. It is a part of drill stem when it doesn't jarring and it can work at any time when need jarring, thus it is highly improve the drilling efficiency, it has widely load (jarring force) scope of upward jarring and download jarring, so it can be adjusted at the maintenance station or on the well site according to the requirement. The special flexible joint can effectively reduce the flexural stress of the drilling jar body. Therefore, it is the first selected drilling jar for vertical well, deep well, directional well and complicated well operations.
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