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Hydraulic Drilling Jar

The utilization of hydraulic drilling jars in the drilling industry has proven to be highly effective in overcoming drilling challenges caused by stuck pipe. Its precise and adjustable impact force capability reduces downtime and costly interventions associated with stuck pipe incidents.
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  • Hydraulic jar is one of the drilling jars types used in drilling operations to free stuck pipe problem.
    Orchid Energy hydraulic drilling jar will allow the operator to apply variable impact in both the up and down directions. It can protect the drill string effectively and improve the using life. The hydraulic stored energy mechanism has the advantage of reliable property and good stability. The scope of time delay interval can be 30s~240s; the scope of service temperature can be -40℃~180℃. It can adopt the new special material for higher property and safety. It can normally used for drilling, coring, work over and fishing etc.
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