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Roller Reamer

​​​​​​​The Roller Reamer is an efficient Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) reaming and torque reducing tool. It provides reaming action for improved borehole shape, size and quality. It is specifically designed to enlarge the wellbore diameter and create a smooth and consistent borehole wall.
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  • A roller reamer provides stabilization action by centralizing the BHA, minimizing down-hole vibrations, preventing the BHA from resting on the low side of the deviated hole, and minimizing BHA fatigue. All parts of the tools are made of special alloy steel and heat treated for hardness. As formations or drilling requirements change, cutters can easily be replaced any part at rig site without the use of welding, cutting or special tools. We can provide near bit roller reamers & string roller reamers and three types cutters, type T for soft formations, type F for medium to hard formations and type B for hard formations.


    • Reduced torque, stick slip and vibration;
    • Improved bit performance and extended BHA component life;
    • Reduced need for time consuming back reaming;
    • No limit to the application of the roller reamer in varying well profiles i.e. vertical, directional and/or horizontal sections;
    • Reduce cyclical fatigue and increase life of tool joints.
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