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Top Drive Saver Sub

Top drive subs are a pin-by-pin sub that is made up to the top drive, they serve as the sacrificial element between the drill string and the top drive. This saves on costly repair to the top drive by allowing multiple connections to be made up and broke out using the sub rather than the top drive itself.
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  • The top drive sub can easily be repaired or replaced in the event the lower pin threads become galled or damaged. These tools are manufactured from selected bars of alloy steel, heat treated to provide the strength and toughness required to carry the entire weight of the drill string. Top drive saver subs are manufactured to customers request, based on API requirements.  All of our drill stem subs are manufactured in accordance with API specifications.

    Features and Benefits

    • Heat treated to meet or exceed API specifications for drill pipe tool joint mechanical properties
    • Precision machined API connections, with proprietary connections available machined by licensed vendors
    • Serialized for complete material traceability
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