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Releasing and Circulating Overshot

LT overshot is one of the fishing tools which is fishing the pipes externally. It can catch drill collar, drill pipe, tubing, subs and other pipes. Because of the seals, the fluid can circulate with the high pump pressure after catching the fish. The top of the fish will be milled by under mill shoe.
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  • 1. Introduction

    The releasing and circulating overshot can also work with jars to catch the stuck fishes. If the catched fish can’t be release from stucking ,we could release the overshot and lifting the drill string.

    Overshot consists of three outside parts: top sub, bowl, and standard guide. The basic overshot may be dressed with either of two sets of internal parts, if the fish diameter is near the maximum catch of the overshot, a spiral grapple, spiral grapple control, and type “A” packer are used. If the fish diameter is considerably below maximum catch size (½” or more) a basket grapple and a mill control packer are used. 

    2. Accessories

    Releasing and circulating overshot can be equipped with a wide range of accessories to meet a variety of complex fishing environmental. The picture above shows some common accessories to choose from, which are within the capabilities of Orchid Energy.

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