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Reverse Circulation Junk Basket

Reverse Circulation Junk Basket, which is also known as RCJB, is designed to remove all types of small junk objects from the hole. The tool’s main feature eliminates pulling a wet string. Even when the tool is fitted with a magnet insert, reverse circulation is maintained.
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  • Introduction

    Reverse circulation junk basket is made up to the bottom of the fishing string and lowered to a point within several feet from the bottom of the hole. Begin circulation to wash the hole. Stop circulation and drop the steel ball. (When the steel ball is dropped into the valve seat, circulation fluid travels outward and downward through the inner passage of the barrel and out through the vents in the lower end. The fluid is then deflected to the center of the tool and up through the return holes in the upper end of the barrel. This reverse fluid circulation carries the junk into the barrel above the junk catcher.) Begin circulation again, slowly rotating while lowering the tool until a 10-inch core has been cut. Stop rotation and circulation and pull the tool from the hole.



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