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Fishing Magnet

The fishing magnet is used for retrieving all types of small junk objects in the oil and geological drilling operation. It has advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, reliable property, small volume and light weight. It can be divided into A and B structures according to the different usage.
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  • Introduction

    The fishing magnet is used for retrieving all types of small junk objects in the oil and geological drilling operation. It has advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, reliable property, small volume and light weight. Magnetize and attract the drilling clip, cones, bearings, slips, tong pins and other small junk objects only by the proper permanent magnet to catch the small junk object effectively and keep down hole cleaning. Fishing magnet is used to absorb the magnetized junk objects by permanent magnet. The bottom is equipped with a protective cover that can prevent magnet damage if don’t use.

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