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Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Cylindrical roller bearing is a separate type bearing, which is very convenient to install and disassemble. According to the number of rows of rolling elements installed in the bearing, it has different structures such as single row, double row and multi row cylindrical roller bearing.
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  • ① Single row cylindrical roller bearing
    The standard single row cylindrical roller bearing is divided according to the different retaining structure of the ring:
    1. The outer ring of N-type bearing has no flange. The inner ring has double stops;
    2. The inner ring of NU bearing has no flange, while the outer ring has double flange;
    Both N-type and NU type bearings can allow the shaft to move in two directions relative to the bearing housing within a certain range, so they are suitable for non positioning bearings.
    1. NJ type bearing has double flange on the outer ring and single flange on the inner ring;
    2. NF type is double flange structure of inner ring and single flange structure of outer ring;
    NJ and NF models are characterized by allowing the shaft to produce axial displacement in one direction and bearing certain unidirectional axial load;
    1. NUP bearing is a bearing with double outer ring and single inner ring and a flat retaining ring;
    2. NFP type bearing is a bearing with inner ring double flange, outer ring single flange and flat retaining ring;
    According to different use occasions, NU bearing and NJ bearing can also be combined with HJ diagonal retaining ring. NUP this bearing can be used as a two-way positioning bearing.

    ② Double row cylindrical roller bearing

    The double row cylindrical roller bearing has two structures: cylindrical inner hole and conical inner hole. This kind of bearing has the advantages of compact structure, large rigidity, large bearing capacity and small deformation after being loaded, which is especially suitable for machine tool spindle.
    1. The structure of NN bearing is characterized by inner ring with double flange and outer ring without flange;
    2. NNU bearing has double flange on outer ring and no flange on inner ring;
    These two types of bearings do not limit the relative axial displacement between the shaft and the shell, and are suitable for non positioning bearings. The cage of this type of bearing mostly adopts the solid cage made by car.
    1. NNF type bearing is a double row full loaded cylindrical roller bearing, which can bear not only large radial load and axial load, but also overturning moment. Therefore, it is often used as fixed bearing.NNF bearing is a structure of two inner rings with double ribs and one outer ring with middle ribs. The roller is guided by the edge of double inner rings, which are fixed together with fastening rings.
    Both ends of NNF bearing are sealed by contact. The bearing is filled with lubricating grease. When the single row cylindrical roller bearing with both inner and outer ring ribs is selected, the axial load capacity shall be calculated, which is related to the radial load and lubrication method. The working temperature of the grease is - 50 ℃ to + 110 ℃, but due to the limitation of the oil seal material, the working temperature of the bearing is only between - 40 ℃ and + 80 ℃. In the case of good service conditions, nnf bearing with oil seal need not be maintained. If the bearing is in water vapor or polluted environment for a long time and operates at medium and high speed, the bearing can be supplemented by lubricating oil groove and lubricating oil hole on the outer ring.

    ​​​​​​③ Four row cylindrical roller bearing

    FC type or FCD type four row cylindrical roller bearings are used in heavy machinery such as cold rolling mill, billet opener and so on. The bearings are separated. The bearing rings and rolling element components can be separated easily. The cleaning, inspection and disassembly of the bearings are very convenient.
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