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Needle Roller Bearing

Needle roller bearing has small radial section size, good bearing rigidity, and high radial load bearing capacity, which is especially suitable for the occasion where the space of radial installation position is limited. It can also be widely used in the case of shaft and bearing pedestal swing.
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  • The needle roller bearing is NA type, and has different structure types of single row and double row. According to different use occasions, whether it is single row or double row needle roller bearing, it can be made into NA type with inner ring or RNA without inner ring. This type of bearing is characterized by two sides of the outer ring with edge stop or elastic lock ring, while the inner ring without edge stop. The outer ring of needle roller bearing of large size series has ring-shaped lubricating oil groove and lubricating oil hole, and the outer ring, needle roller and cage of standard needle roller bearing are not separated.
    In addition to NA type and RNA type, there are also NAV type and RNAV type fully loaded needle roller bearing without cage. There are also long cylindrical roller bearings of NAOL type or nal type, which have the use characteristics similar to needle roller bearings, but larger cross-section size than needle roller bearings, and can meet the use in heavy load working occasions.
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