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Spherical Ball Bearing

The spherical ball bearing has two rows of balls, the outer ring has a common concave spherical raceway, and the center of curvature is the same as the bearing center. Even if the inner ring, steel ball and cage are inclined to the outer ring, they can rotate.
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  • According to different structures, self-aligning ball bearings can be divided into two types:
    1. Cylindrical hole spherical ball bearing;
    2. Tapered hole spherical ball bearin;

    ① Cylindrical hole spherical ball bearing

    Because it has two rows of steel balls and arc raceway in the outer ring, the spherical ball bearing can automatically adjust the center, and can bear the angle error between the shaft and the bearing seat, which is suitable for the working condition of shaft deflection and shaft misalignment. The friction of spherical ball bearing is the lowest of all rolling bearings, so even in the case of high speed, it still has a small temperature rise.

    ② Tapered hole spherical ball bearing

    This kind of bearing has the characteristics of cylindrical hole spherical ball bearing, but the inner hole is tapered hole (conventional taper 1:12), which can be installed on the tapered shaft to fine tune the bearing clearance. This kind of bearing is mostly used on the double bearing shaft with large bending under the load, and the two bearing seat holes can not guarantee strictly concentric parts. It is mainly used to bear radial load, but also can bear a small amount of axial load, generally can not bear pure axial load. Its ultimate speed is lower than that of deep groove ball bearing of the same specification, but its bearing capacity is higher than that of deep groove ball bearing.
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