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Sucker Rod

Sucker rod, as known as polish rod, is a kind of special sucker rod connected with sucker rod and beam hanger. It is at the top of sucker rod, need to bear the most strength, so with bigger diameter and higher steel grade than sucker rod, and the surface is very smooth.
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  • Sucker rod is an important part of a sucker rod pumping equipment. Sucker Rod connect with coupling to be a rod string, and up through polished rod connection on the pumping unit or PCP motor, down connection on the pump piston or PCP, its role is to ground the reciprocating movement of the pumping unit horsehead suspension point is passed to the downhole pump or pass the rotation of the PCP motor torque to downhole PCP. Sucker rods are divided into grade of C, K, D, KD, HL, HY according to mechanical properties.
    Sucker rod coupling, sub-coupling and spray coupling which are designed according to API Spec 11 B standards using the high quality carbon steel or alloy steel (the equivalent of AISI 1045 and AISI 4135) and plating metal is a kind of surface hardening technology, is the nickel, chromium, boron and silicon powder coated on the substrate metal and fused with the laser processing, Coupling type: Class T (full size and slim hole ) ,Class SM (full size and slim hole ).
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