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Universal Bottom Hole Orientation Sub

The Universal Bottom Hole Orientation (UBHO) Sub is used in a directional drilling BHA, and it is manufactured from high quality AISI 4145-modified fully heat-treated alloy steel or non-magnetic material like P530, P550 to provide a non-magnetic environment for drill string.
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  • The UBHO sub is often referred to as a mule shoe sub. This tool is typically run directly below a drill collar and contains a landing sleeve for directional survey equipment. The UBHO is designed and used to establish the “high side of the tool”, which is essential for knowing the tools orientation in the wellbore.
    UBHO also stands for:
    1. Universal Bent Sub Orientation;
    2. Universal Bottom Hole Orientation;
    3. Universal Bore Hole Orientation;
    Various OD sizes are available to meet specific directional drilling applications. 
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